Makurugu 2

Markus Rüeger - Makurugu

Singer/Songwriter of Switzerland

Markus Rüeger, 25.1.1956, is a swiss singer/songwriter with his roots in the Rockmusic of the 60-ties, and in the folk-scene of the 70-ties. He‘s been a constant member of the swiss folk sceen for the past 35 years and been moving solo and with bands as DRUMLIN in Switzerland and Europe for many years. Markus is a great singer and guitar-player in the first place, but he plays all kind of other folkinstruments aswell. He‘s got a strong connection to Ireland having lived there for some times and in 1980 he did his long march with his irish donkey "John-John O'Donohue" and his guitar all the way through Ireland, Belgium and France to Switzerland.

Since 2006 he is working on a one-man-musical show called >mission earth< wich he has translated into english, the irish and further island-audiences in his mind. Markus is known for his engagement for enviroment and peace.

2010 he travelled with his partner to Sapmi and started to discover the Sapmi-Culture and getting in touch with the art of Yoik. He became friend with the the singer Berit Alette Mienna and the fluteplayer Øistein Hansen wich had a great input on his song "Saami-Land".  Since then he keeps on travelling to Scandinavia discovering further roots of the worlds musical heritage.

At present Markus plays with his band GreenTrees&Coffees or SOLO with his Mission-Earth-Project . 

These days he and his Band are working on his new CD with the irish producer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist WAYNE SHEEHY at the ocean studios in Kilcrohane, Ireland. The CD " Take this world in your hands" will be released by spring 2018 and will be a further engaged album for a peaceful and sustainable way of living on this planet.

Beside his stagework Markus works with adolescents in schools teaching music and theater.
He is a member of the swiss singer/songwriter-association "Lieder-Lobby" .

Why I sing and write my songs

As a man who loves life and all the secrets behind nature, growth and the beauty of this planet, I have always been concerned about the way mankind brings destruction into this world. So as music was given as an expression to me, it was obvious to look for harmony: harmony between words and sound, rythm and movement, male and female, between feelings, body and soul, between different cultures, animals and man, between history and future ... lucky enough, I found those friends, who enjoyed to explore life with me that way. They all tought me to bridge the gaps of loneliness, hopelessness and self-destruction by singing, playing, listening and sharing our experiences of life.

Going through all this I realized, that I have a responsibility as an artist; the way I use my words, the way I put my music, the way I adress myself to the audience as well as the way I send out my thoughts to the universe: in all my doing I have the chance to heal or destroy and it’s not such an easy choice as it might seem in the first place.There’s a whole choir of queer voices within me; each one a solist, a caracter of his own shaped by somekind of life-experiences that made him strong and full of resistance. Only when I started to listen to each of this inner voices in a kind manner, they would agree in cooperating and „singing“ together. This turned out for me as peace-work within myself. In my twentys when I travelled across Nothern Ireland, I was deeply impressed by the fact, that what ever I did or said in public I would take part on one or the other side of the civil war at that time. I wondered then how ever people would trust in one another again and only by listening to my own inner voices and singing along with them I realized there is a way to peace - a long way though. So when I wright and sing songs for peace every now and then, it’s because I strongly believe in this way of building bridges across, welcoming every single voice in the one big dream of the universe, that we all might grow and be a part of the beauty of creation.

Mission Earth- a vision to share

" May be you would even like to share my vision! It‘s easy though; just picture your vision of a positiv, enjoyable and livable future; think it, sing it, paint it, build it - feel it in your body and share your vision and creation. It‘s not a religion, a beliefsystem and you don‘t have to pay to be part of this common vision. Paint the Earth on your body if you fancy, talk to her and start taking care - think about the future and about the future of our children, take decisions, make steps, be creative! All I wish is you to share and paint this vision and to make a new, powerful experience: That we‘re not helpless but empowering eachother to creat a new climat of respect, love, care, fairness, health, wealth and spirit of peace into this world. In friendship markus "