• Roman Manser, Akkordeon/trombone/ keyboard/voc
  • Kurt Tschanz, bass/ voc
  • Franz Michel, voc./git./fl./Mauixophoone
  • Markus Rüeger, lead-voc./lead-git./bombarde/whistles

These guys rocking and jodeling there own breed of worldmusic!

GreenTrees – The Band
The sound of friendship

A Band for the storm, rain and snow – to go this way I was looking for friends, who would be ready to carry my vision with me in all kind of weather.
Looking for the kind of alpine fir, who would stand on it’s own in snow and storm and sing in the wind.
They are well rooted and communicate in a magical way under ground, knowing how to support each other.
Sure it wasn’t easy to bring these mountain guys across the ocean to Ireland – but what works with a donkey should be possible with four GreenTrees I said to myself.
So by the time we got over they managed to stand through all the storms the Irish weather threw at them, of which there where quiet a lot during that time.
But as the wind makes firs sing, the Irish winds with all its temper and with the great help of sailor Wayne made us grow into strong and unique sounds.
Now we find ourselves as travelling trees, roaming to connect with those who also look for to be oxygen for this planet.


Markus Rüeger & GreenTrees are on the road since 2010 playing for their audiences, who specially like those vibes in their sounds expressing hope, peace and friendship with all living beings. Having played at climate-action days and other gatherings for the future of the planet, they are quiet known in the scene of eco activ people.


The new video clip taking on the stormy west coast of Ireland on Sheephead Peninsula while recording their new album "Take this World in your Hands".
So here is "Asylum for Polar Bears" - our contribution to the Earth Day 2018 against plastic pulltion (22.April 18)





  "Trust in the sea" 
a Greentree-clip with the scenery of Ireland and Sweden and the uileann pipes of Marina Tanner.


 "Peace&Respect z'Schwamedingä"
a clip about the a suburban town of Zurich, showing the peacful sharing of multicultural live. 
Thanks to Julinho Martins, Samba, Colin Tieg, the Stettband, Joy Tieg 
and the students of the "Oberstufenschule Stettbach",
playing, singing and dancing as well as to the musicians of the "Schwamedinger Kulturfest".


  When times get tough, Swissman!


Worldwide Climate-action day, Zurich November 2015