Lyrics Mandela (english translation)


1. Well there ain’t much rare gazing at the world looking for a man, boy

Plenty of pumped up chests chasing and kicking a ball on TV

A ball that could as well be planet earth

 But changing stations, my eye spots a man

A man of dark skin and bright shiny hair

Who mounts a jetplane way down in SA


2. He’s been imprisoned  part of his lifetime

For the sake of his skin and human dignity

And listening to his voice, his speech, it thrills me

 No revenge, no violence, no hatred, no falseness,

and somehow my eyes fill with tears

somehow the earth is quaking in my belly

and a song paves it’s way to the light of the the day



Love to a man who gives love to mankind – Mandela

Love to a man who walks his dream – Mandela

Love to a man  who honors life – Mandela

Love to a man and his vision of light – Mandela


3. What kind of a man he must be,  who kept his spirit alive and free

who didn’t let his heart grow cold

he must belive in more than mortal fame

believe in more then justice would pay

 pay for his pain and pay for provation

he must pray for more than his appreciation

and be tendered by glances of admiration


4.Imprisoned men live behind all kind of walls

Some run with their heads against them

Others just refuse them to see

They let grow the weeds of yesterday upon ancient ruins

 And they’re painting in their fantasies

The heroes they would like to be

And still they are afraid of one

Who day by day and stone by stone

frees the human soul from debris