1.June 2018: GreenTrees Konzert Wandellust, Zollikerstr. 74, 8008 Zürich, 20:00Uhr (public)
 8.June 2018: Markus Rüeger Solo Uerikon (privat)
 13.June 2018: Markus Rüeger Solo Zürich (Schule)
 23.June: GreenTrees Uster (privat)
 24.August 2018: GreenTrees Illnau (public)
 25. August: GreenTrees Ebnat-Kappel Chupferhammer 
 1.September: Markus Rüeger & DRUMLIN (Revial Gig) 

8th-20th October 2018 Markus Solo-Tour Ireland


 Here we go: our new album 2018! Thank you all who made it happen!

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GreenTrees, March 2018: Fotoshooting for a CD-Cover can be very dangerous at times

Oktober 2017: GreenTrees going to Ocean Studios @ Kilcrohane, West Cork

Polar Bears on mount Gabriel


Asylum for Polar Bears, Film about Polar Bears collecting plastic on the shore after hurricane Ophelia

 August 17, Zurich: GreenTrees making movies



August 17, Kilcrohane: Markus @ Ocean Studios with Wayne Sheehy


May 17,Wila: GreenTrees&Coffee as live as life


Makurugu's Mission Earth goes "Wave-Trophy 2016"

Singing my songs all the way from Bremerhaven to Geneva together with people from 11 nations driving their electric vehicles to show that we can change the world peacefully!
 New Mission-Earth-Project 2016: "Mother of the living" Video-clip and Song recording
Watch Project video on youtube!
Dear friends,
After having released a few songs on video within my Mission-Earth-Project with students and musician-friends, 
I'd like to try something bigger now, to show that people in different countries are really getting together for the sake of life on planet earth. 
So the way the project works would be that we from "GreenTrees&Coffee" would re record the song 
"Mother of the living"(which is also on my last CD) and then go around and ask schools and musician-friends to join us on audio and video with
playing, singing and dancing. So I would like to ask if you would like to join in or even now a school interested such a music project.  
It would be great to have you on the boat and sail with you to support all those who want to bring a new respectful and peaceful way to relate
with the one and only planet we are living from.
Thanks for thinking about, sharing or even taking part in it, all the best   Markus  Lyrics & Notation:  Mother of the living

GreenTrees & Coffee live @ worldwide Climate-day 28.11.2015 in Zurich


GreenTrees&Coffee CD: our 2015 CD is available, order in our music-shop


Ireland-Tour 2015

Hi there friends,
we just came back from this magic, adventures, rainy days and warm heart trip from Ireland! Enjoy the pictures and see you at Mutzstock-Festival in Stäfa on the 15.8.2015


What my music is about / Journey to Ireland summer 2015

Dear friends, in native cultures people know about the "one big dream", the collective dream of a mankind, who can grow into a brotherhood with all creatures. Sometimes we all sense this dream: in our longings for love, growth and deep understanding. My music, my songs are ment to support us all to leave behind our daily fears, our old believes, where we think ourselves as meaningless, small or not worth to be part of that "one big dream". Music and dance has always been a great way to connect with the dream to belong to something bigger. So if we all would take courage to face and share this dream, there would be a great chance to bring the change into this world, most of desperately do hope for. Our journey to the Sapmi-people in the north of Norway, where they "joik" (sing) every creature in the nature, inspired us a lot to look out for people on our journeys, who do the same. So once again Eva, my partner and I want to travel to Ireland this summer, looking for to meet people, who try like us to connect to the dream with art, dance and music.


Markus & Rafael Mörgeli meeting Randy Newman after a most wonderful Concert in the KKL Lucern - thank you so much Randy! 



Great gigs and friendly crossboarder meeting


     On the 25.April 2014 in the  KKD Bücken near Bremen the first performance of "Mission Earth" as a soloprogram in Germany took place.



On the 4. Mai then I played a concert in Østerfärnebo, (Sweden) in the BIO Gåvan (old cinema).  
A doppel-concert with the 13 women and men of the swedish folkgroup "WestMannaFolk", 
a magic atmosphere with my songs on one hand and the swinging sounds of this outstanding band 
on the other built a peaceful and a bridge of friendship between the different cultures.


  Thanks to all you friends who made it possible!!